Best Sensitive Baby Wipes in India 2019 – Buyer’s Guide

If you are in a hurry and want to find out the Best Sensitive Baby Wipes in India, we recommend the Bey Bee Water Base Baby Wipes For Sensitive Skin.

A mother’s love for a baby has no equal. The care she takes in choosing the right kind of products for her baby is amazing. Certain products play a crucial role in every baby’s life.Without these products, right from the hygiene to the peace of mind, every other thing goes for a toss.

Baby wipes are one such crucial product that plays a vital role in Baby’s life. The wrong choice of wipes may cause rashes and infections to babies making their life miserable. When they suffer, we suffer too.

Let us look at the Best Baby Sensitive wipes in India, which takes good care of the baby’s skin at all points of time.

Best Sensitive Baby Wipes In India 2019

  1. Bey Bee Water Base Baby Wipes For Sensitive Skin 
  2. Mother Sparsh 99% Water Wipes
  3. Mee Mee Caring Baby Wet Wipes with Aloe Vera
  4. Joy Lap Sensitive Moisturised & Scented Baby Wipes 
  5. TruVisiory Sensitive Baby Cotton Wipes
  6. Ineffable Sensitive Baby Cotton Wipes with Flip Top 
  7. Pampers Baby’s Sensitive Wipes 

1. Bey Bee Water Base Baby Wipes For Sensitive Skin 

Bay Bee is basically an Indian brand water-based baby wipes that help clean the baby’s skin in a gentle manner. It is considered as one of the purest wipes in India containing 98% water for effective cleaning. Bay Bee is abundantly enriched with Vitamin E and is completely free of Alcohol and Parabens.

The hypoallergenic ingredients in Bay Bee make it one of the safest wet wipes that can be used on the baby’s skin.

Bay Bee is so highly Ph balanced that it retains the good cells on the surface of the baby’s skin, retaining the moisture for long periods of time. This protects the baby’s skin from getting allergies, infections, and irritation caused due to frequent usage.

Bay Bee wet wipes come as a combo of 3 packs, each of which contains 80 wipes. This makes it a compact package that can be carried even in a small bag at any point in time.

The flip-top lid in Bay Bee water wipes is a value-adding feature since it avoids clumsiness while pulling out single wipes for urgent uses. The flip-top lid safeguards the water content in the wipes for long periods of time, disallowing the same to become dry due to environmental humidity. It also helps maintain the unused wipes in a hygienic manner.

What We Like
  • Hygienic packing
  • Packed with value additions for the skin
  • Flip-top lid
What We Didn't Like
  • None in Particular

2. Mother Sparsh 99% Water Wipes

Mother Sparsh is an Indian brand that offers high-quality pure wipes for cleansing babies. The wipes contain 99% of water, which keeps it moisturized for a long period of time. The high levels of water content in Mother Sparsh keep the baby’s skin moisturized every time it is cleaned.

Mother Sparsh is made up of medical-grade plant extracts and so safeguards the natural Ph ingredients on the surface of the skin intact. Made of sugarcane pulp and Bamboo extracts, cleansing the baby skin with Mother Sparsh is as healthy as cleansing the same with pure water and soft cotton.

Mother Sparsh baby wipes are thicker than normal baby wipes. This makes it last long and strong while cleansing the baby through velvet-like touch. The extra thickness of Mother Sparsh acts smoothly on the baby’s skin giving it a glow after every cleansing session.

In short, Mother Sparsh makes babies enjoy a luxurious cleansing experience every time their body is wiped clean.

Mother Sparsh baby wipes can be used across all sensitive parts of the baby’s body, including the face, hands, legs, and inner parts.

Mother Sparsh is 100% natural baby wipes which do not contain any artificial ingredient that would harm baby skin. This protects the baby from the usual chemicals used in baby wipes. Some chemicals generally added in baby wipes are Alcohol, Sulfates, Phthalates, scents, Triclosan, and Parabens, among the many others.

What We Like
  • 100% biodegradable and so environment-friendly
  • Made of 100% natural products and safe for baby skin
  • Flip-top open helps maintain hygiene for long periods of time
What We Didn't Like
  • High Levels of Water

3. Mee Mee Caring Baby Wet Wipes with Aloe Vera

Mee Mee Wet wipes are one of the best wipes available in India for cleaning babies. It is designed specifically for babies in the weight range of 12 to 17 Kgs.

Mee Mee Wet wipes that are abundantly rich in anti-bacterial properties helps babies maintain the suppleness of their skin intact. The dermatologically tested Mee Mee Wet wipes do no harm to baby skin even if used in a frequent manner.

Mee Mee Wet wipes are designed in such a manner that it is travel-friendly. The 72 pieces of Mee Mee Wet wipes come in 3 packs making it easy for mothers to carry them all the time in their handbags.

Mee Mee Wet wipes, which come in a white and blue pack, moisturize the baby skin as they clean the same in a simultaneous manner. This keeps the baby’s skin gentle and soft at all points of time.

The Aloe vera extracts present in Mee Mee Wet wipes give a soothing effect to babies making them feel cool. This makes babies co-operate, cleaning their bodies with Mee Mee Wet wipes.

Mee Mee Wet wipes contain anti-allergenic ingredients to protect baby skin from getting allergies and rashes. It is a bacteria-free wipe and keeps the baby’s skin bacteria-free after every usage. Mee Mee Wet wipes do not contain any alcohol, and so the nice scent that permeates from the same does not repel babies.

What We Like
  • Anti-allergic, anti-bacterial ingredients
  • Made up of spun lace which is soft on baby skin
What We Didn't Like
  • Does not have a flip-top lid to pull out wipes one at a time

4. Joy Lap Sensitive Moisturised & Scented Baby Wipes 

Joy Lap Baby Wipes available in India is for babies that have highly sensitive skin. The pleasantly scented baby wipes add to the subtle fragrance babies emit all the time. The 90 pieces baby wipes in Joy Lap Baby Wipes pack is wrapped as 2 packets.

Baby skin-friendly Joy Lap Baby Wipes is designed specially for babies whose skin is highly sensitive in many ways. In order to address this sensitivity issue, the brand has moisturized Joy Lap Baby Wipes with Alovera and Chamomile extracts.

The adequately medicated Joy Lap Baby Wipes cleanses the baby’s skin in the gentlest manner possible. It does not create any rashes or irritation on the surface of the baby’s skin. Joy Lap Baby Wipes keeps the baby’s skin subtle and soft offering gentle care even if used in a frequent manner.

Using Joy Lap Baby Wipes to clean the baby’s sensitive parts after every diaper change ensures the baby does not get infected due to prolonged usage of the same. Ensure you use Joy Lap Baby Wipes for cleaning the baby every day before their bedtime. The cool and soothing effect complemented by the mild scent that permeates from the wipes will help your baby to have a peaceful sleep.

Joy Lap Baby Wipes does not use alcohol to enhance the cleansing perfection. This safeguards the babies from getting rashes, irritation, and reddishness on the surface of the skin.

What We Like
  • Flip-top window to enhance hygienic usage
  • Use of medicated products promotes healthy skin in babies
What We Didn't Like
  • It can be used only for babies with highly sensitive skin.
  • Artificially scented

5. TruVisiory Sensitive Baby Cotton Wipes

TruVisiory brand wipes available in India are made up of cotton, ensuring that no harm is caused to baby skin. The wipes are packed in green and white-colored envelopes. The pack has a total of 270 pieces and comes in 3 sets.

The hygiene manner in which the packs are available takes good care of the baby’s skin whenever cleaned. TruVisiory brand wipes do not only cleanse baby skin but also ensures that the normal Ph levels of the skin are retained. This is made possible by the Alovera, and Vitamin E found in the wipes. These enrich the baby’s skin maintaining the gentle skin texture at all points of time.

The packs come in a handy size, making it easy to carry in a small shoulder or handbag. This mobility offers high levels of flexibility to Moms on the move.

TruVisiory Indian brand baby wipes can be pulled out of the pack one at a time without opening the same fully. The fully covered plastic lid available for the purpose on the front side of the pack enables this in a hassle-free manner.

The front lid avoids the pack from getting shabby while trying to pull out a single wipe in an urgent manner. This feature is one of the biggest advantages of having TruVisiory brand wipes.

What We Like
  • Front open lid to pull out wipes one at a time in an organized manner
  • Hygienically packed wipes to safeguard the Ph in the baby skin
What We Didn't Like
  • None in particular

6. Ineffable Sensitive Baby Cotton Wipes with Flip Top 

Ineffable Baby wipes is an Indian brand baby wipes that come as a set of 2 that contain a totally 90 wipes. The small-sized packets make it easy to carry Ineffable Baby wipes while on long-distance travel and short local trips. This mobility Ineffable Baby wipe offers to Moms makes it stand top of the line.

Ineffable Baby wipes are specifically designed for babies with sensitive skin. The inbuilt anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory properties of Ineffable Baby wipes safeguard the baby’s skin at all points of time. Ineffable Baby wipes are dermatology tested assuring high-quality skin support for babies.

Ineffable Baby wipes come with a tape seal closure, which maintains the unused wipes in a safe and hygienic manner.

Tape seal closure also helps moms refill the pack with ease every time the stock empties. It can be opened in such a broad manner that stacking wipes one over the other can be done easily.  This is an absolutely ideal arrangement for refilling in baby wipe warmers as well as baby wipe dispensers.

Ineffable Baby wipes are free of harmful chemicals like Parabens, Alcohol, and Phenoxyethanol. This makes the baby wipe the most trusted baby wipes brand in India.

Ineffable Baby wipes are thicker than many other normal baby wipes. This makes it work soft on the baby’s skin while offering lasting moisturizing effect on the same. Due to its gentleness on the baby skin, Ineffable Baby wipes can be used on all parts of the baby’s body, including the face, neck, and inner thigh regions.

What We Like
  • Tape seal Closure helps in multiple ways
  • Medically proven goodness to baby skin
What We Didn't Like
  • The extra thickness makes the packs thicker than many other Indian brand packs

7. Pampers Baby’s Sensitive Wipes 

The first thing that caught our eyes in Pampers Baby Sensitive Wipes is the pleasant color of the pack in which it comes. The simple to read instructions and attractive design on the pack clearly pronounce that it is a baby product having high standards.

The top layer of the pack has a round-shaped plastic lid attached to it. The wet wipes inside the pack can be pulled out one at a time using this round plastic lid.

The shape, as well as the gap given through this plastic lid, ensures that extra wipes are not pulled out. This helps maintain the pack in a clean and contained manner at all points of time.

The lid can be closed tight after pulling out the required number of wipes for use. This plastic lid ensures that the yet to use wipes inside the pack do not get dried up easily. Thus the wipes retain their moisture for a long period of time.

The clinically tested Pampers Baby Sensitive Wipes acts gently on the baby’s skin. By doing so, it helps retention of the Ph content on the surface of the skin to the required levels. Pampers Baby Sensitive Wipes ensures that the surface of the skin gets moisturized after every usage.

Pampers Baby Sensitive Wipes is 15% thicker than many other similar wipes available for the purpose. This extra thickness provides additional moisture to the baby’s skin. It also provides a smooth touch to the surface of the skin when the same is cleansed.

What We Like
  • Plastic lid to pull out wipes in a neat manner
  • Clinically tested and proven safe on children
What We Didn't Like
  • The extra thickness of the wipes limits usage during travel

Best Sensitive Baby Wipes in India – Buyer’s Guide

Before purchasing wet wipes for the babies, take the following points into consideration.


Look out for the ingredients used in the baby wipes. Go in for the wipes that have more natural products which are good for the supple baby skin

Ease of use

Be keen to notice the packing and ease of use. Purchase wipes packs that have provision to pull out wipes without opening the pack.

Avoid chemical overload

Avoid purchasing wipes that have chemical contents in them. Even scents and fragrances added to the wipes are chemicals. Remember, you are buying wipes to cleanse the baby and not a room freshener that permeates fragrance all around.

Handiness of packs

Go in for wipes that come in packs easy to carry during travel. This is very important since babies may need wet wipes during any time of travel. When babies around expect the unexpected always.

Clinical approval

Check if the wet wipes you decide to purchase is clinically tested. This is one of the most crucial aspects since the product is to be used on the baby’s skin.


Choose wet wipes that are of good quality. Not all wipes get set for all types of baby skin. There may be exceptions. Some babies may find a particular brand of wipes irritating, while for some others, it may get set. Choose the one that is gentle on your baby’s skin.


Do not compromise on the quality of the wet wipes just because they are available at a low cost. Even if the wet wipes that suit the requirement of your baby is a bit on the costlier side, go with the same. After all, it is not prudent to spend the cost you save on wet wipes on skin lotions and creams.


Babies require gentle care at all points of time. Their skin is so supple its vulnerability level towards chemicals is high. Go in for wipes that have natural ingredients. Look out for rashes and other kinds of skin disruptions every now and then.

If you feel the baby is suffering from infections or skin issues, check with your dermatologist immediately. After all, a stitch in time saves nine. Avoid going in for the wet wipes that cause rashes and other types of skin problems for your baby.

Experiment buying a lesser number of wet wipes and go in for huge numbers only after you are thoroughly convinced about the suitability.

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